Hesh Wall Lettering

The Beginning

The Other Northwest

If you grew up where we did in Oregon, you needed transportation. As a kid in a rural area, EVERYTHING was a 45-minute drive in any direction. And since none of us had any money, you just kinda figured out how to work on the hunk of shit that you drove. Learning to turn a wrench became fun rather than a necessity.

We like working on things and using our hands. That’s it. We don’t have huge budgets (that’s why we’re selling fucking tee-shirts, btw) and we’re not trying to vibe out anyone else. More than anything, we like making something cooler than how we found it. And we’ve found that getting together with your buddies, turning a wrench, and having a few beers is always time well spent. It doesn’t matter what you’re building, from bikes to birdhouses, it’s creativity at its purest.

Use your hands! Build something!